Work continued this week on demolishing the ground floor public areas of The Gritti Palace, in particular the Grand Canal side section that incorporated Restaurant Club del Doge, and the area immediately behind which comprised the Sala Specchi and Salone Gritti meeting and event venues, to allow for the realisation of the protective concrete basin.

Based on the study coordinated and developed by the Venice Plan Ingegneria Company, the walls of the concrete protective basin will have a thickness of 10 to 15 centimetres, and a height of between 150 and 190 cm to allow for the “floating” phenomenon of the basin due to waterpressure from the sea.

The project proposal foresees a waterproofing FPO system in sectors to permit repair by injections in the basin structure per sector. The doors and windows will be the weakest point in the protection system.

In order to allow the city’s population to better prepare for “acqua alta”, 48 hour tidal forecasts are made available on a daily basis by the city authorities and may be checked online at the Venice Municipality Official Website. The population is also alerted by acoustic signals and with text messages if there is a sea level forecast of +110 cm on the mareographic zero.

The phenonomen of “acqua alta” is more likely to occur during the Autumn and Winter months. Despite the damage it may cause and obvious inconvenience to all, taken in stride it is also a charming time to visit Venice – the beauty of the city’s monuments are reflected in the flood waters, locals don their rubber boots and go about their day to day activities, and children love playing in the water. The city is well prepared for the flooding with elevated platforms set up along the main pedestrian routes to allow passage to most parts of Venice.

May I take the occasion to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Paolo Lorenzoni
General Manager


  1. In 2008 when we first visited Venice we very much enjoyed the bar and the wonderful piano player there. It became our ritual to visit the Gritti Palace for a late night drink (we were staying around the corner in Hotel Ala and the Giglio vaparetto stop was our “local”. So we will be sad not to be able to enjoy that glass of champagne when we visit again in 2012. But we know you will be back better than ever – so we must pencil in another visit in 2014. See you then.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. We love hearing you enjoy the atmosphere of Bar Longhi and we look forward to welcoming you back in 2014 for a new start to your ritual. Paolo Lorenzoni, General Manager – The Gritti Palace, Venice – a Luxury Collection Hotel

  2. My husband, Michael, and I have just watched your amazing pictures with both sadness and excitement.
    Since we have been staying at the Gritti for many decades, often several times a year, we feel we know many of the pictures rather intimately. However, we are ultimately thrilled with the added protection this restoration will provide for our favorite home in the world, and salute your masterful work and your very appreciated log of how it is all proceeding. Thank you. Congratulations!

    Dr. Sally Peterson

    • Dear Dr. Peterson,

      I trust this email finds you and your husband well.

      Let me thank you for the loyalty shown to our Gritti Palace through the years and how you follow our blog by heart.

      As you can see from the pictures that we have posted, the restoration is moving forward quickly and we count on opening our “doors” by February 2013.

      Please be assured that the “New” Gritti Palace will be tailored on the Hotel you have known over the years, maintaining the usual charming atmosphere and ambiance that are familiar with, and the same Staff and level of service which has made The Gritti Palace appreciated worldwide.
      The Ground floor will always be home to the painting of the Doge Gritti, and that area will become the heart of the Hotel enriched with a library, with books by the marble hearth and with comfortable venetian-style sofas to make feel Guests feel as if they are in their own home. In the Club del Doge Restaurant we have chosen an old mosaic pavement posed by a famous local artisan specialised in mosaics, and precious silk wall fabrics by Rubelli Donghia which revives the old venetian splendour of the Palace. The Salone Gritti will be an ideal luxury reading area with antique furnishing, venetian mirrors and with a beautiful Murano glass chandelier reigning in the middle.

      I will be delighted to show you around the hotel upon you arrival, and you will see that in the changes that have been implemented to bring the Palace up to date with modern day technology, the historical spirit of the Palace has been strongly maintained and reinforced.

      Looking forward to welcoming you back, thank you once again for supporting our Palazzo Gritti.

      With best Regards,

      Paolo Lorenzoni
      General Manager

  3. Will the restaurant be open by the end of March, 2013? We will be in Venice over that long week end and would be interested in having a family (of 8) dinner on the Saturday before Easter. That is, if you have a menu that will satisfy the “fussy” grandchildren. Looking forward to seeing the restoration.

    • Thank you for your comment. We are pleased to advise Restaurant Club del Doge will reopen on 1 February 2013 at the same time as the hotel. For restaurant reservation enquiries, please contact Ivan Schultz at with your details. Looking forward to welcoming you to The Gritti Palace in March. Paolo Lorenzoni, General Manager

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