Tomorrow is the start of the 2012 Venice Carnival themed “Life is Theatre! It’s time to get Masked”. Sadly it is the first Carnival without The Gritti Palace though we will be back better than ever in 2013.  For all of our valued visitors that would like to come to the Venice Carnival between 4 and 21 February, we take the opportunity to remind you that both Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel and The Westin Europa & Regina are open and look forward to extending you a warm welcome.

Over the last 14 days we have continued with the excavations, demolishing of marble tiling, stripping of guestrooms, removing of electrical wiring, and finally we have also started laying down the reinforcing structures for the concrete foundations in the floating basins against the aqua alta.  Below is a photo gallery of our progress.

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We also hope you will enjoy this short video:

As we have been digging deep into the foundations of The Gritti Palace stucture, we thought we would also share with you a little history about the palace itself – Palazzo Pisani Gritti:

The origins of the palazzo can be established towards the end of the XIV century. Analyzing the structure and ornaments of the building’s façade, it can easily be said that the Palace was built following the Gothic style in a very austere and solid way. It was initially residence of the noble Venetian family Pisani, and the appartenance to the Pisani family is confirmed by the presence of a coat of arms which bears a rearing lion and a lamb, once featured on the Palace’s façade and which today lies inside the building. The façade itself reveals that it was altered and restored many times, and according to some sources, the façade was once decorated with frescos attributed to Giorgione.

The ownership of the Palace passed successively to the Gritti family, also one of the most noble and important families in Venetian history.  The Gritti family’s history dates back to the year 1104 and during the 700 years which followed, many of the family members would become important leaders in diplomacy and commerce. Among these, the most important and famous member was Andrea Gritti who was elected Doge in 1523 and ruled until 1538.  Andrea Gritti is considered one of the most courageous warriors and illuminated governors of the Venetian Republic.

Until next time,

Paolo Lorenzoni,
General Manager


  1. I cannot wait to for The Gritti to reopen. It has always been the favorite for over 40 years.

    • It is a pleasure to learn you are keeping up with our progress on our blog. We hope you are both well and look forward to welcoming you back to your favourite home in Venice. Your room will as always be waiting for you. Best regards, Paolo Lorenzoni, General Manager.

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