Now that all the demolition works are over, we would like to share with you a few details concerning the precious pieces of craftsmanship that were and will continue to be part of The Gritti Palace.

Chandeliers – All the antique chandeliers have been sent to the Galliano Ferro Glass Factory on the island of Murano where they will be rewired, the broken arms repaired, and revamped so that they will be bright and sparkling when we reopen.

Mirrors – The antique and renowned mirrors that decorated Bar Longhi, and all the other mirrors that hung in the guestroom bedrooms have been sent to the master artisan for mirrors – Barbini – on the island of Murano, where they will be majestically restored.

Terrazzo Veneziano – just one of the peculiarities of the palace. The terrazzo veneziano (marble floors composed of different coloured pieces of marble using a characteristic technique that has been carried down from historic times) has been protected during the works and where there are missing pieces, the floors will be redone by one of the few remaining specialised artisans in Venice, and with the same antique traditional methods.

Fine Fabrics – One of the characteristics of The Luxury Collection of which The Gritti Palace is part, is the importance given to all that is indigenous, and a lot of attention has been focused on adopting the typical Venetian silk fabrics taken from the weaving house archives of Lorenzo Rubelli, who will be the supplier for the curtains and damasks.

All the pieces of precious antique furniture from The Gritti Palace – such as the tables, lamps, desks, chairs, bed heads, wardrobes, and the boiserie – have been taken to expert Venetian artisans who will be bring them back to their original beauty.

The 3 bar counters of the Bar Longhi, the Concierge and the Reception have been dismantled and each piece meticulously numbered. These will be repolished and reassembled in their orginal positions.

Below is a slideshow of some pieces of precious decor from The Gritti Palace guestrooms and public areas prior to the restoration with a few examples of similar pieces that have been restored.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wishing you all a magnificent weekend.

Paolo Lorenzoni


  1. Dear Mr. Lorenzoni,
    As a life-long fan and loyal guest I am heartened to read about the meticulous preservation of all the stunning and unique decorative aspects of the Gritti. Thank you for choosing to restore the furnishings rather than replacing them….I hope this extends to the guest room furnishings on the piano nobile as well as the “idiosyncratic” style of furnishings in guest rooms that should never be replaced. Donghia is a design house that generally has a sleeker more modern style. I hope they are willing to yield to the unique imprint of the Gritti and faithfully replace, as accurately as warranted, any new furnishings…
    I cannot wait to return. I’m dreaming of it! Please send my sincere regards to Mr. Schultz as well.
    All my best, your loyal guest
    L.A Zarember Karp Matlin

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